Constable retires after 20 years in Oamaru


After 21 years in the police force, with 20 of those being at the Oamaru Police station, Senior Constable Stew Hewett called it quits and hung up his vest for the last time yesterday.

Senior Constable Hewett said he was looking forward to a quiet day, however it was a bit busier than he expected yesterday.

He would miss the camaraderie the most but as times were changing, with technology advancing, he felt he needed to move on.

“It is time to go, realistically,” he said.

“I will be quite pleased to hang [the vest] up.”

He is hoping to pick up some other sort of work, maybe some farm work, but said he would stay in Oamaru.

During his time in the police force, there had been many exciting moments and he would miss working with his colleagues as well as volunteers, such as the Fire Service, St John and Victim Support, he said.

“I’ll be sad to leave the guys. I work with a lot of really good people.

“It is amazing how [the volunteers] put in the extra time for police.”

The people of Oamaru were also really good to work with, and being in a smaller town, he got to know a lot of them, Senior Constable Hewett said.

“It is probably a different type of thing to city police.

“It has been a good town. I have been very lucky.”

He had a small leaving party yesterday and would be having a bigger one next week.



TIME TO GO: Oamaru Police Senior Constable Stew Hewett had his last day with the police force, after 21 years, yesterday.

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