Crime drops in district


Recorded crimes in Waitaki are on a downward trend.

In figures released yesterday, recorded crime in Otago rural, which includes Queenstown Lakes, Central Otago and Waitaki, is down by two per cent in the year to June 30.

Oamaru police Senior Sergeant Jason McCoy said strategies, such as messages through the media and handing out brochures at the supermarkets, were educating residents and raising awareness.

“We patrol areas that we believe are more of an area of interest,” he said.

The total number of recorded offences in the year to June 30, for Otago Rural was 4706, down from 4800 for the previous fiscal year.

Burglary and related offences decreased by 7.2 per cent for the Otago rural area, but senior sergeant McCoy said that was not the case for Waitaki.

He said there had been a remarkable increase in burglary, unlawful taking of vehicles and thefts of vehicles.

“Eighty per cent of crime could have been preventable,” he said.

“They’re [victims] helping by not locking their cars.”

Local police target areas and check vehicles, placing letters on cars to remind owners to keep them secure.

“These are concerning factors that we need to be aware of,” he said.

He did say however, that recorded crimes such as public violence, assault and wilful damage, were on a decrease.

“There is a lot of work going on in the communiting around prevention and awareness,” he said.