Drug bust leads to numerous arrests


A number of people were arrested in Waimate as part of a four-month drug bust operation that ended last week.

Seventeen people were arrested in relation to cannabis and methamphetamine offences last Tuesday as part of Operation Chiron – a four-month drug supply and sale investigation in the Waimate area.

Waimate Police Sergeant Mike van der Heyden, who was in charge of the investigation, said an operation this big that was targeting drug offences did not happen often but would make a difference to the community.

“It certainly will have an impact on the supply of cannabis within the Waimate community.”

It would be an eye-opener for a small community to have that many people arrested and facing charges, he said.

It showed selling and supplying drugs was not a good look, Sergeant van der Heyden said.

The end of the operation on Tuesday involved about 30 officers from all over the Southern region including Waimate, McKenzie Country and South Canterbury, he said.

Fourteen separate search warrants were issued, mostly in the township of Waimate and one in rural Waimate, Sergeant van der Heyden said.

Seventeen arrests were made and the offenders were charged with a range of offences in relation to the supply of cannabis and methamphetamine – totalling 82 charges, he said.

Those arrested will be appearing in the Timaru District Court on December 19.