Friendly reminder about this summer’s liqour ban


The season to be jolly is fast approaching, but it could be jolly expensive if you choose to drink in Oamaru’s liquor ban area this summer.

As the nights get warmer, Oamaru police are finding more people wandering the streets and drinking – and those people need to be aware of the liquor ban area because police will be enforcing it.

In the most recent incident, police arrested an 18-year-old Oamaru man on Thames St on Sunday afternoon at 12.45pm and charged him with breaching the liquor ban.

“With the warm weather, [the number of people drinking on the street] increases, yes, with the number of social functions going on,” Oamaru police Sergeant Wayne Brew said.

“We’d just like to remind people that there is a liquor ban enforced in Oamaru.”

In Oamaru, residents are “pretty lucky”, Sergeant Brew said, where police would issue them with a warning first, if they were breaching the ban.

If they are found again in breach of the ban, or respond badly to the warning, they would likely find themselves in court, Sergeant Brew said.

The following acts are prohibited: the consumption of liquor in a public place, the possession of liquor in a public place, the bringing of liquor into a public place and consumption of liquor in a vehicle in a public place.

Any person convicted of an offence against the bylaw is liable, on conviction, to

a fine not exceeding $1000.

“It’s an expensive beer on the main street,” Sergeant Brew said.

“And they lose their alcohol.”

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