Good driver behaviour in region over weekend


Oamaru Police have been particularly pleased with driver behaviour in the region over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Police were out in force across the district for the ‘Make it to Monday’ campaign which monitored travellers leaving the town to make sure they stuck to the road rules.

Senior Sergeant Jason McCoy said the campaign went well in North Otago and the driver behaviour was good.

“The roads were very, very busy, but it was good to see that most people seemed to be adhering to the rules.”

They ran a couple of checkpoints, where they stopped more than 300 vehicles and only issued 42 infringement notices, 13 of those for speeding, he said.

Disappointingly, most of the others were for unregistered cars or those without warrants of fitness, Senior Sergeant McCoy said.

Several fatal vehicle collisions involving tourists over the weekend has led to a national debate on whether foreigners should be better educated before being able to drive in New Zealand.

Senior Sergeant McCoy said there were areas in North Otago where there had been a number of car accidents involving tourists and these needed to be investigated.

“Anything to enhance road safety should be looked at.”

The education of tourists and “making sure they are able to drive appropriately” on New Zealand’s roads should reviewed, he said.

The ‘Make it to Monday’ campaign and 4km/h speed tolerance ended at 6pm on Monday.


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