Police clock driver at 140km/h


Drivers need to be aware of the lower alcohol limits set to come into force next week after an alleged drink-driver was caught speeding at more than 140km/h in Oamaru, Police Sergeant Tony Woodbridge says.

This comes after police were alerted to three incidents of drink-driving over the weekend including one which caused an accident.

Sergeant Woodbridge said a vehicle was seen travelling in excess of 140km/h up Severn St at 2.15am on Saturday.

Police turned to follow the Subaru Impreza but when they reached the top of the hill on Wansbeck St they lost initially lost the vehicle because of its speed.

It was found after it allegedly crashed into and knocked over a concrete lamp post on Wansbeck St by Awamoa Park.

Sergeant Woodbridge said the driver was processed for driving under the influence of alcohol and will be charged with refusing a request for blood.

A driver of another vehicle was stopped on Wear St on Saturday and allegedly recorded an excess breath alcohol level of 535mcg.

Police are also awaiting blood results after the driver of a Honda vehicle was allegedly processed for drink-driving on Tyne St with 10 passengers on Saturday.

Sergeant Woodbridge said having so many alleged drink-driving incidents was not a good sign so close to December 1 when the alcohol limit for drivers over 20 changes from 400 to 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath (or from 80 to 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood).

The alcohol limit for drivers under the age of 20 will remain at zero.

Oamaru police are also looking for information after they received several reports of a male knocking on doors and asking for money at properties on Walbrook St at 6.20pm on Sunday.

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