Police seek information in relation to dog thefts


A Duntroon dog owner has fallen victim to five separate cases of dognapping in the last 18 months.

Overnight on August 3, two pig hunting dogs were stolen from kennels at the rear of a property in the Livingstone/Duntroon area.

The dogs were believed to be taken between 10pm and 5am on a rainy night.

Kurow police Constable Craig Bennett said he was hopeful that somebody may have seen the dogs recently arrive at an address in unusual circumstances or seen a vehicle in the Livingstone or Duntroon area which raised suspicion at the time.

Mr Bennett said the dogs did not ride well in a normal car so might have required a dog crate vehicle or covered ute.

In the last 18 months, the owner has had five dogs stolen from the property and police are concerned the property has been targeted.

“Obviously they are good pig hunting dogs, so to say the owner is upset would be an understatement,” he said.

Mr Bennett said, for several reasons, he did not believe that the dogs had just wandered off.

“Firstly they have never previously walked off, secondly nobody has seen them in the area despite intensive looking for several weeks and the main reason is that this owner has had five dogs stolen in about 18 months,” Mr Bennett said.

“I do not believe in coincidence and strongly believe the dogs have been targeted.”

The dogs were visible from the road, just, but Mr Bennett suspects they have been taken by someone who knows the area well.

“Somebody out there knows where these dogs are,” Mr Bennett said.

The dogs were “extremely well” cared for by their owners and in good physical shape.

“That is not to say they are as well treated by the “new owners” and may not be eating properly,” he said.

Nine-year-old Shrek, who has a distinct cough and limp, requires arthritis medication, and would likely be in pain if he is not getting them.

Shrek, a very good hunter, was of the two dogs taken in the most recent theft, and valued at over $1800. Tui, a pup that was also taken overnight on August 3, will cost about $800 to replace.

Other dogs that have gone missing were; a young pup which went missing at the start of 2013 and Bro, who was found on property in Mataura, Southland. Bro was recovered and then taken again. Mia also went missing with Bro.

The owner is now left with one female dog, the mother of the pups.

Anyone with information that could help Mr Bennett reunite the dogs with their owner, should contact him on 021 191 4785 or 03 427 4294.Nike Sneakers StoreAir Jordan