Police seek owner of damaged Ford


Oamaru police are seeking information after a crash on Lismore St on Sunday morning.

Oamaru police Senior Constable Carl Pedersen said at 8.10am on Sunday morning, an early model silver Ford Escape 4×4 allegedly backed into a parked car and drove off.

“This Ford will have damage to the left rear,” Constable Pedersen said.

“Police are seeking any information that people will have in relation to a possible Ford Escape 4×4 with damage to its left rear.”

Anyone with information should contact the Oamaru police on 03 433 1400.


On Friday night, at 8.25pm, a 19-year-old male Oamaru man recorded an excess breath alcohol level of 232mcg on Taward St.

On Saturday, police received a complaint of burglary from an Itchen St resident after a garage window was found smashed at the property. It is thought to have occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A 17-year-old Oamaru man was arrested at 10.45pm on Saturday night and charged with disorderly behaviour after he was allegedly sitting on car bonnets at Z Service Station. He later received a pre-charge warning.

Two 14-year-old boys were allegedly seen interfering with cars at the Oamaru Club car park at 10.45pm on Saturday night. One was located but the other ran away. He is known to police and will be dealt with.

As a result of good enquiry work by police, at 10.30pm on Sunday morning, a 43-year-old male man was arrested and charged with burglary of the Salvation Army shop on October 29.Adidas footwearEntrainement Nike