Road safety campaign rolled out for summer


A new multi-agency summer road safety campaign will hopefully decrease serious road crashes, police say.

Starting from Sunday, a speed threshold of 4km/h and highly visible, coloured police patrol vehicles will be rolled out around the country.

Oamaru Police senior sergeant Jason McCoy said he hoped to see a decrease in numbers of fatal or serious road crashes.

“Any reduction in speed is going to make a difference.”

A Ministry of Transport spokesperson said summer should be about spending time with friends and family, not dealing with a serious road crash.

“We believe that the summer road safety campaign will mean that the local people of Oamaru and North Otago, and any visitors to the region, will be safer while travelling on the region’s roads.”

New Zealand Transport Agency national media manager Andy Knackstedt said they would be supporting the campaign with advertising urging drivers to slow down.

“We hope the impact of the campaign in Oamaru and North Otago will be the same as elsewhere in the country – that drivers will choose to travel at safe speeds.”

From December 1 to January 31, police will strictly enforce a reduced speed threshold of 4km/h.

The campaign is being supported by police, ACC, Ministry of Transport, NZTA and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.


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