Severn St speedsters monitored


The police’s Highway Patrol Unit was in town recently to monitor the speed of traffic down Oamaru’s Severn St after some complaints by concerned motorists.

The new red patrol car, which is based in Dunedin but covers the area from East Otago up the Waitaki Valley, visits town regularly but made an extended stop in Oamaru.

Oamaru Police Constable Howard Jackson said they were following up some complaints.

“We had some members of the community complain about the speeds of some motorists going up and down Severn St, so we thought we’d check it out,” he said.

Constable Jackson said they caught several motorists exceeding the speed limit.

“It wasn’t anything substantial, but we did give some infringement notices to some motorists.”

While Severn St had been the focus of the visit, Constable Jackson said they would follow up anywhere if there were complaints.

“We will not just look at the main roads, we will follow up complaints down the side streets as well.”

Constable Jackson said they closely monitored areas around schools.


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