Waitaki population rises slightly


Figures released by Statistics New Zealand show the population in both Oamaru and the Waitaki district has grown slightly between June 2006 and June 2013.

The district’s population was 20,700 in 2006 and shows a slight upward revision to 21,000 at the end of June 2013.

The population of Oamaru has risen from 12,681 in 2006 to 13,050 in 2013.

The Waimate district’s population experienced a slower rate of growth moving from 7380 in 2006 to 7740 in June 2013.

Updated statistics for the year ending June 2014 will be available in October.

New Zealand’s population is growing at its fastest rate for over a decade, according to new estimates released by Statistics New Zealand.

The country’s population grew by 67,800 people, or 1.5 percent, in the year to June 30, 2014. This came from natural increase (births minus deaths) of 29,500 and net migration (arrivals minus departures) of 38,300.

New Zealand’s estimated resident population was 4.51 million at June 30.

“This is the first release of population estimates using results from the 2013 Census and Postenumeration Survey,” population statistics manager, Vina Cullum said.

The estimates are the best available indication of how many people currently live in New Zealand because they include people missed by the census, including those who were temporarily overseas on census night.

New population estimates at the earlier date of June 30, 2013, are also available for broad ethnic groups, and we have revised population estimates for subnational areas.

“These estimates confirm increases in all ethnic populations since 2006. Even the broad European ethnic population has grown to 3.31 million despite its older age structure,” Ms Cullum said.

The June 2013 estimates put the Māori ethnic population at 692,000, the broad Asian population at 541,000, and broad Pacific population at 344,000. An estimated 53,000 people identify with Middle Eastern, Latin American, or African ethnicities.

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