Dairy factory nears completion


The deconstruction of the Favco tower crane from the dryer at the new Oceania Dairy Glenavy processing plant is a strong indication that the factory build is nearing completion.

The crane has been on site since October last year and has been essential to the erection of the dryer tower to its completed height of 46 metres.

“The tower crane was originally designed for use on oil rigs but it has been converted for use in dairy factory construction,” said Aidan Johnstone, chief executive officer for Oceania Dairy.

“Its deconstruction and removal from site is a great sign of progress as we move towards completion of the factory build,” he said.

The commissioning programme for the $214 million plant is scheduled to commence in July.

Initial dry commissioning work is currently underway on the chilled water system, the waste water treatment system and the bore water systems. The significant boiler construction project is also on schedule for completion in time for the delivery of a range of performance tests that form an integral part of the factory’s commissioning.

“We are working towards a final handover of the factory from construction to production by the middle of September,” Mr Johnstone added.

Forty-six suppliers have signed contracts with Oceania for the supply of 160 million litres of milk in the 2014-15 season.

At full capacity the plant will be capable of processing 300 million litres of milk per year, generating 47,000 tonnes of milk powder.

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