Drones proving a help for farmers


The use of drones is literally taking off all over the world and is now being hailed as the latest innovation in farming.

Landplan Limited drone pilots Jared White and Nick Dalziel have traded in their quad bikes for the unmanned aircraft.

“We’ve been using it for the last week, we’ve already flown 1500 hectares,” said Mr White.

The drone was an easier, faster and more cost effective way to survey large areas of rural land.

“This would do something in a day that would take a week on a quad bike.”

Farmers could be provided with detailed information to aid with the development of rural areas.

The hefty $130,000 price tag was well worth the expense when it came to farming innovation.

“It’s about being the best at what we do and we’ve got to keep up with the technology.”

The drone was fitted with a high quality camera that took photos every few seconds to develop detailed imagery of a landscape.

“It takes things like the wind levels to calculate the most efficient flight path for it to follow and take pictures.”

Mr Dalziel said getting used to the controls of the aircraft did not take long.

“We just want to go out there and have a go with it,” he said.

“It took probably about a week of constant taking off and landing to get the skills.”

The addition of a drone had been so successful that increasing Landplan’s fleet was a likely possibility, said Mr White.

“The way we’re heading we can see the benefit for another one in the near future.

“It’s 10 times faster and a lot better quality.”



TAKING OFF: Landplan drone pilots Jared White and Nick Dalziel are taking land surveying to new heights with their unmanned aircraft.

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