New deadline . . . The Waitaki District Council has given the Kurow Duntroon Irrigation Company a deadline of September next year to bring this pipe below ground level. PHOTO: REBECCA RYAN

Objections to the new irrigation pipe between Kurow and the Waitaki Dam are being addressed.

A public meeting in Kurow on Monday night, called by Bobbing Creek Vineyard owner Eve Skerrett, attracted about 50 people.

Miss Skerrett was concerned by the pipe blocking the view alongside State Highway 83, whereas the land-use consent issued by the Waitaki District Council to the Kurow-Duntroon Irrigation Company said it was to be below or at the level of the ridge of the road.

The pipe, replacing an old open canal, is part of the irrigation company’s $45million expansion and upgrade.

The council issued an abatement notice to the company late last month, ordering it to stop work on above-ground sections of the pipeline.

Irrigation company chairman Geoff Keeling acknowledged at Monday’s meeting that the pipe breached the consent.

The company was in discussions with the council, whose chief executive Fergus Power assured the meeting it would reach a pragmatic and fair resolution.

“For legal reasons, the council couldn’t say too much,” Miss Skerrett told the Oamaru Mail

It declined a suggestion at the meeting that it take out a bond, in case the pipeline was not remedied.

It also said the pipeline opponents could not be involved in any decision, because the irrigation company had been issued the consent.

“There was a lot of positive angle about the situation,” Miss Skerrett said. “People were saying it can’t remain.

“There were some really articulate people there.

“Other farmers were there, too – dryland farmers from further up.”

The opponents would “wait and see” what resulted from negotiations between the council and the irrigation company, she said.

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