Small animal vet happy to be back in town


Felicity Morris started back at Oamaru Veterinary Centre last week as a senior small animal vet.

Ms Morris worked at the practice from 2007-2012 and left to travel overseas. She is studying a Masters Degree in Veterinary Science and has just started her fourth and final paper entitled Diagnostic Imaging in Small Animals. Research options are still being considered for her dissertation.

The overseas clinics where Ms Morris worked in Essex, Cornwall and the Isle of White differed from New Zealand. They specialised in either large or small animals and consultation times were limited to 5-10 minutes.

She said she was looking forward to having more flexible consultation times and giving each animal the time they deserved.

“I am particularly excited about being involved with working dogs again.”

Although specialising in small animals, Ms Morris said in a small town like Oamaru, vets needed to be versatile in terms of working with large and small animals, and also familiar with all of the services offered by the practice.

“Anatomically speaking, once you’ve done a procedure like a caesarian on a small animal, it’s not that much different to do the same on a large animal.”

Oamaru Veterinary Centre employs 14 full-time and three part-time vets.


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