Hunters: Stay safe!


Fish and Game Central South Island officer Graeme Hughes is expecting no trouble with the North Otago duck shooting contingent when duck shooting gets underway tomorrow.

Mr Hughes said there should be no issues regarding safety on opening weekend.

“I’ve been involved with duck shooting for a few years and while I have been with this region there have been no accidents since I have been here. I’d love for us to keep it that way.”

Many people will be out in force around the region with firearms and alcohol.

“This region is really good, they know not to drink while carrying a firearm. They leave the drinking till they are finished shooting for the day.”

Fish and Game officers and constables from around the region will be out in force monitoring shooting areas and making sure people are not mixing firearms and alcohol.

Senior Constable Carl Pedersen said police would love hunters to take care when out hunting.

“Remember no drinking or holding a firearm, make sure you have checked all around you before you are shooting, check firearms are always locked when your moving from place to place, “

Mr Pedersen wanted people to make sure they were 100% aware of their target before firing.

North Otago Hunting and Fishing salesman Richard Aarts said safety was paramount to a successful weekend.

“People here in North Otago know not to drink and shoot and police and fish and game will be out monitoring this anyway.”

Mr Aarts, an avid duck shooter himself, said he would love for the weekend to go smoothly.

“Just everyone to be safe and have fun, take extra care if children are with you.”

If any duck shooters are taking photos over the weekend we would love you to send them in to us.

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