Waitaki driver behaviour ‘pretty good’ – police


The behaviour of drivers in Waitaki over the Labour Weekend was “pretty good on average”, Southern Highway Patrol Sergeant Peter Muldrew says.

Southern Police, Highway Patrol, the New Zealand Transport Agency and Waitaki Road Safe Inc were out on the roads last weekend in an effort to keep families safe on their travels.

Sergeant Muldrew said the behaviour of drivers he saw in Waitaki over the weekend had been good and the number of infringement notices issued, which was 130, was down from previous years.

“The driver behaviour was pretty good on average.”

Most people adjusted their speed to suit weather conditions and the reduced speed tolerance of 4km/h over the limit.

“There were a few that had trouble keeping under [the speed limit].”

The national road toll of three was high but in Waitaki it was zero, and highway patrol did not have to attend any crashes other than one reportedly caused by an alleged drink-driver, who smashed into a fence on the corner of Foyle St and Thames Hwy on Saturday evening, Sergeant Muldrew said.

“For the district, that’s a good thing and we’d like to keep it like that.”

Last year, there was only one reported road death in New Zealand over the Labour Weekend period, the best since the laws were introduced, while 1983 was the worst on record, with 13 deaths.

Labour Day Weekend officially started at 4pm on Friday, October 24, and ended at 6am on Tuesday, October 28.

Police focused on excessive speed, drink-driving and also checked that everyone travelling in a vehicle was wearing their safety belt correctly.


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