Big money spent preparing for ball


It’s the time of year where year 12 and 13 pupils spend lots of money to make sure they are all glammed up for their school ball.

Tomorrow night, Waitaki Girls’ High and Waitaki Boys’ High year 12 and 13 pupils have their annual ball at the Loan & Merc.

Some pupils go out of their way to get all done up for the ball, and Waitaki Girls’ High pupils Mikaela Young and Gabi Napier are no exception, with both spending more than $500 for the big night.

Miss Young said it was usually a time where the girls would go all out.

“Most of the girls usually spend a bit of money around ball time to get all glammed up for the ball.”

Costs can vary, with some girls known to spend in excess of $700.

It depends on what the girls are wanting and whether parents are willing to let them spend plenty on getting themselves ready for the ball.

Dresses usually top the list as the most expensive item, ranging from $50-$400, while hairdos range from upward of $50. Make-up and spray tans are usually $60-80, shoes cost $50-150, corsages are $45. Tickets cost $75, but can be $150 if they are taking an outside partner, while vintage cars can also come at a high cost.

Miss Young said she spent a fair bit on her dress, but it was well worth it.

“I spent a couple of hundred on my dress, which I didn’t think was too bad and am expecting to spend about $500-600 all up, including tickets.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to save costs, pupil Gabi Napier ordered her dress online, but has since had a change of heart.

“I bought one online for cheap, but changed my mind and am now getting one made for me.”

Gabi is saving costs by getting friends and family to do her hair and make up.

“Hopefully I save a bit of money this way.”

The ball starts at 7pm.


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