Boys spend around half what girls do on ball preparations


Boys heading to the Waitaki Girls’ and Boys’ High School ball tonight will have spent about half of what the girls did for the big night.

Waitaki Boys’ High pupils Cameron McClea and Robert Macgregor will be attending the school ball but haven’t spent nearly as much as what the girls have for the occasion.

Year 13 pupil Cameron McClea who also attended the ball last year said he had not spent a great deal of money.

“I haven’t spent too much money this year on the ball because I am using my suit from last year.”

Coming into the ball season is always an advantage for males especially with them just being able to wear the same suit numerous times and get away with changing their shoes and having a different coloured tie.

Most males will have spent about $250-300 for everything, considerably less than most females would.

Females often buy a new dress every year as they don’t want to be seen in the one they wore the previous year as well as shoes, make-up, and getting their hair done.

Cameron, who will attend the St Kevin’s ball as well, said he was happy not having to have spent too much.

“I’ve spent all up about $250 all up and that includes two ball tickets one for me and my partner.”

Males are also far more relaxed on the day compared to the females, who are running around getting ready from about lunch time.

“I’m getting a hair cut then i’ll just put my suit on around 5pm and then get some photos.” Cameron said.

Robert, who is attending his first ball, has had to spend slightly more.

“I have probably spent about $400 all up and that’s simply because I bought my suit, this year, so it will last me a few balls.”

He knows next year will be a lot cheaper with him only really having to buy new shoes and a tie.

The ball is at the Loan & Merc from 7pm.


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