Maheno School goes all Steampunk


Maheno School held a fashion show to present their creations as part of an inventors and explorers study.

The study has been going on for much of the term and aims to involve the pupils with a subject they will enjoy and learn a lot about.

Over the last three to four weeks, the pupils have been making costumes so they could strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Maheno School principal Ryan Fraser was delighted with how much work the pupils had put in.

“They put in a fantastic amount of work, with the costumes and study over the last three to four weeks.”

The school went to Steampunk HQ to learn more.

Mr Fraser was impressed with the effort shown by all the pupils.

“We have 48 pupils and they all wrote their own piece about their character, came up with its name and then created the costume.”

Last night, the pupils took to the the catwalk to show off their creations to their parents.


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