Raising awareness of kidnapped women in Nigeria


Waitaki Girls’ High School took part in International Amnesty Day yesterday to help raise awareness of the problems women are facing in Nigeria.

The school, along with Dunedin’s Columa College and St Hilda’s Collegiate and a host of other schools throughout the country, wore green and white ribbons to help raise awareness about the Nigerian women who have been kidnapped.

Waitaki Girls’ High teacher Joan Murray, who is the teacher in charge of the school’s International Amnesty group, said she was pleased with how the day went.

“It’s fantastic to see so many girls here to sign the petition. It shows this is something which obviously hits home to a lot of people.”

International Amnesty Day is something Waitaki Girls’ High School would love to see the other schools in the area take part in.

Waitaki Girls’ High School International Amnesty Group leader Caitlyn Vanags said the school needed to be part of the day.

“It shows that we know about what is going on in Nigeria and that we want to be a part of the groups who are making a stand against how woman are treated over there,” she said.

Pupils at the school met at lunchtime and signed petitions against what is being done to woman overseas.

The school supplied green and white ribbons and was decorated with green and white balloons.



SIGNING UP: (Standing from left) Lily Fincham-Wells, Joan Murray, Caitlyn Vanags and Talitha Turbucz (sitting) all gather around the computer to see the petition.

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