School seeing double


You can be forgiven if you think you’ve seen double at Waitaki Girls’ High School.

There are three sets of twins: Kate and Ruby Smail, Breanna and Alyssa Greaney, and Kate and Olivia Paton (who are actually triplets with a brother).

The girls started at Waitaki Girls’ High as year 9 pupils yesterday.

The Patons and Smails are staying at the hostel, having come from Waitaki Valley School, while the Greaneys have come from Oamaru Intermediate and live locally.

Waitaki Girls’ High School year 9 dean Lynne Hamilton said it was something rare for the school.

“It’s very rare having three sets of twins at the school in the same year. It will keep everyone on their toes.”

One way to help teachers remember the girls’ names is by splitting them up, which is what they’ve done.

“None of the girls are in the same class. We’ve separated them all so it’s easier for everyone.”

Kate and Olivia love their sports and will dress similarly, but make sure they are in different colours so they can be identified.

Olivia is three minutes older than her taller sister Kate who is about three minutes older than their brother Ben.

Ruby is 10 minutes older than Kate, but is also slightly shorter, while Breanna is five days older than her twin sister Alyssa.

Kate and Ruby love hockey and also dress similarly. Breanna and Alyssa also play hockey and often buy the same clothing.

All the girls are chuffed they are not the only set of twins at the school.

“We both went to Waitaki Valley School together and knew we were both coming here,” Ruby said

Alyssa said it was great that she and Breanna were not the only set of twins.

“It’s cool having another couple of sets of twins here.”

The girls will also hang out together a bit at the school.

They said they were used to people getting them mixed up.

“It’s the life of being a twin,” Olivia said.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Twins (from left) Breanna Greaney, Alyssa Greaney, Kate Paton, Olivia Paton, Ruby Smail and Kate Smail (all 13) at Waitaki Girls’ High School yesterday.Nike air jordan SneakersAsics Onitsuka Tiger