Waitaki Girls’ pupils receive scholarships


Two Waitaki Girls’ High School pupils who have outstanding leadership qualities have been rewarded with $5000 scholarships to help with their studies.

Hannah Potter and Abbey Chamberlain were just a couple of about 2300 pupils who applied for the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship at the University of Otago.

The girls had to say what leadership qualities best portrayed them in just one sentence, something which both the girls said was quite tricky.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, I tried to make sure I had it done in one sentence,” said Abbey Chamberlain

Both of the girls never expected to be selected out of the large number that applied and said they were shocked when they found out.

“It was quite funny really because Hannah texted me and said, check your email we have received a message about what halls we were in so I did that then later in the day I checked them again and saw I had received one of the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships, so I told Hannah to check to.”

Both girls said it was quite an honour when they found out.

“I had to check it over a few times just to make sure. I’m still in shock to be honest.”

Abbey is heading to the University of Otago to study a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business, while Hannah is going to study Health Science.

The scholarship can go towards either their tuition fees or accommodation costs.


PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Hannah Potter and Abbey Chamberlain each received a $5000 scholarship to help with their studies at the University of Otago.

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