Scientific society for Oamaru


The North Otago Scientific Society Facebook Page is something new that has been set up to keep people in the loop with what is going on in regards to having a building constructed on Cape Wanbrow.

The building will hopefully feature a observatory and will be used for science specific projects and a variety of other things.

Derek Golding has been the main person behind getting a building erected at Cape Wanbrow.

“I put in a submission to the council about having an observatory placed up there, but they came back to me and said they’d like to put a building up there which could cater for different things.”

The building would be available for schools, people, visitors and anybody else who was looking to study the history, biology or geology behind Cape Wanbrow.

While it is only the early stages Mr Golding would love to see something started up there within the next two years.

“Ideally within the next couple of years would be awesome, but that will depend on the size and shape of the building, where the observatory would go and how things take shape.”

The North Otago Scientific Society will be holding a meeting at the Oamaru Opera House on October 30 at 7pm.

The meeting will focus on what they are trying to achieve, what’s the latest in the way of the buildings and what the group’s goals are.


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