Careworkers and children celebrate


Santa arrived in Enfield last Friday with a sack laden with gifts for the children and careworkers of Oamaru’s Child Youth and Family unit.

Child Youth and Family senior practitioner and caregiver social worker Kaye Francis said nearly 30 children plus their families and supporters gathered to mark the end of the year with food and bouncy castles.

Ms Francis said this was the first such gathering for her organisation and charges.

“This is for the children and caregivers and their families to say thank you.”

One of the things she liked about the event was the children getting to see their social workers in a new environment where they would be available in a social sense.

“It’s fun for the kids and it’s good for the caregivers because they get to feel part of a team.”

Santa was pleased to be able to put in an appearance during what is fast becoming a hectic time at the workshop.

He said more needed to be done to recruit and thank local caregivers for the work they did.

“They do a huge job.”

He said children needed care and access to adults who could help them, and they got that through the Oamaru Child Youth and Family team.

“These people give up their lives and end up loving these wee kids.”Nike air jordan Sneakersbalerínky