Science guy . . . David Kline brings his travelling show Tour de Science to Oamaru on December 2. PHOTO: CALLUM DEVLIN

David Kline brings his unique brand of education to Oamaru tonight, in the form of his Tour de Science tour.

Tour de Science is a one-man show about curiosity, learning and the universe. However, don’t expect it to be anything like how you studied science in the classroom.

“It’s about my life and education and all of the cool things I’ve learned along the way,” Mr Kline said.

“It’s sort of a narrative about science from atoms, cells, evolution, the solar system, stars .. It all comes back to who we are.”

Mr Kline cycles from town to town as part of his travelling show, which he describes as “part theatre, part pop-learning” and an “effervescent scientific and learning experience”.

He said the cycling was the most challenging aspect of the tour.

“I think there’s a lot of groundwork to organise all of the shows around the country before starting off. Cycling is tough. Going from A to B is hard work.”

He had always been “a bit of a science guy”, and believed it was important everyone had some understanding of science, no matter how basic, Mr Kline said.

“I think it’s really important and I hope I can inspire people to find out more about science and how things work.”

Mr Kline, who holds a bachelor of science degree, has a background in radio and public speaking and was encouraged to try theatre and storytelling when he moved to Wellington three years ago. It led to the creation of Tour de Science, which he said was a “tweaked and enhanced version of his award-winning Toward a Better Understanding of the Universe show.

His show at the Oamaru Opera House tonight will be the first time he’s performed in Oamaru.Mysneakersyeezy turtle dove description chart for girls Mid Light Smoke Grey