Special trophy for special man


An Otago Daily Times legend will live on at Hampden School.
The legacy of the late Brent Edwards, a former Hampden pupil and long-serving ODT sports editor, has been recognised at the school with the awarding of the first Brent Edwards Award for diligence at the school’s final assembly last week.
Mr Edwards had been due to attend the school’s 150th jubilee in 2014 but could not make it as it clashed with a scheduled surgery.
When the school offered to refund his registration fee, he chose to donate the money to the school.
“It was amazing that Mr Edwards chose to donate the money towards an award that honoured hard work and achievement,” Hampden School principal Matt Bokser said.
“It was great doing the research later to find out just how important the school was to him and his career.”
Mr Edwards died in May 2016, aged 66.
Mr Bokser said that, in his memory, the school bought a cup with the money he had donated and created the new award for diligence.
“It was all about reflecting Mr Edwards’ core values of hard work and putting the effort into your schoolwork,” he said.
Mr Edwards’ wife, Liz, travelled up from Dunedin and joined her daughter, North Otago farmer Becca Isbister, and granddaughter, Zoe Isbister, at the Hampden School prizegiving last Thursday to present the award to Grace Brydges (10).
Mrs Edwards said her husband loved Hampden, especially the school, which he attended from 5 till he was 12 or 13.
“Whenever we were travelling north, he used to always drive the family around Hampden, showing us all the places he knew and loved, especially the school,” she said.
“He really wanted to donate his fee towards a cup or award for the school to celebrate the successes and achievements of students.
“He was very proud of having been a student there and later attributed many of his own successes to the great teachers he had met there.”
Grace, a year 5 pupil, said it was “awesome” to be awarded the cup for diligence. Hampden had been the best school she had been at since her family had moved there last year from Alexandra.trace affiliate link¿Qué es un oxímetro? – Medir el oxígeno en sangre con Covid-19