Stuff of nightmares: suffering an opshop hangover

Alice Hore

I own stuff! I own too much stuff.

I love the idea of living in one of those tiny homes on a large trailer, but where would I put all of my “stuff”?

I went through an opshopping-for-fabulous-vintage-clothes stage, and, yes, furniture, too.

If it was amazing and vintage, I had to have it – if it didn’t fit me, I would find someone to fit it.

My name is Alice and I am a recovering opshopper.

It was the tight budget that got me into opshopping, but now it’s the tight fit of my spare closet that is getting me out of it.

I am, however, now down to two closets and a couple of suitcases stuffed under the bed.

In the height of my obsession, I had 23 large boxes full of delicious vintage goodies.

There was a very real risk that someone would find me unconscious, trapped under an avalanche of boxes, with no hair because Janis Joplin the rabbit got hungry and ate it straight off my head.

Sure, I made some beer and grocery money out of wheeling and dealing vintage goodness at a couple of markets and pop-up shops.

It was a good time.

I met some choice people and had some good yarns – we shared stories from within the trenches of second-hand shop aisles.

As I have mentioned previously, I am not into New Year’s resolutions, except for the promise I have made to myself to catch a rabbit yawn on video (yes, it’s an ambitious goal, but I am committing to the cause).

The plan for 2019 (and it’s not a resolution) is less stuff!

Gear .. I also have a lot of gear. Climbing gear, kayak gear, camping gear, ice hockey gear, snow boarding gear, roller skating gear. How often do I use this gear? Every couple of years or so. The gear can stay.

Hey, I’m using my mountain bike gear again, so that’s a good sign for the rest of it.

The stuff, however – it has to go.

Does it fit me right now? If the answer is “no”, I don’t buy it – except for that Karen Walker dress for $2. I couldn’t possibly leave Karen on the rack.

I try things on now. It may only be $5, but do I need it?

How many vintage foot stools does one girl require? Two. That is the answer, and I already own them.

Just say no, Alice, just say no!

If you, too, are struggling with stuff – donate it, sell it, get rid of it.

Once it’s out of your life you will forget it even existed.

Now to take my own advice for a change.

Wish me luck.bridgemediaJordan x Off-White Apparel