Quick work . . . Sarah Jamison races away with the ball. PHOTO: DAVE BOYLE

The new organisers of North Otago’s senior touch competition are hoping to build on its strong foundation.

For several years, the competition was run by Excelsior Rugby Club committee member Vanessa Pearce, but this season she passed the job on to the North Otago junior touch group.

New organiser Shannon Poulson said because several junior players and referees were already involved in the senior competition, they were happy to take it on.

About 16 senior teams took part this season, including an emergency services team.

‘‘It’s been going well . . .there have been some pretty competitive games,’’ Poulson said.

‘‘They’ve probably been good for player development and especially [referee] development for our younger referees as well.’’

The competition also provided a ‘‘step up’’ and a more competitive environment for junior representative players and referees.

Watching their development throughout the season had been great, she said.

‘‘We’ve got refs who at the beginning of the season who put their hands up but were absolutely terrified of going out there and reffing the seniors, but now they’re going out there with a bit more confidence, so that’s really cool.’’

Poulson was pleased by the turnout for their first season organising the competition.

However, she was determined to grow the competition further.

‘‘I guess at the end of this season we’ll just have a little bit of a brainstorm together and see what we could be doing differently or better to encourage more teams.’’

The competition finished on Tuesday and would return in Term 4, later this year.