All smooth sailing at Friendly Bay


It was a beautiful day at Friendly Bay where some intrepid Glenavy School pupils tried their hand at sailing last Friday.

Sun, sea and smiles covered the Pacific when the North Otago Yacht and Powerboat Club and Yachting New Zealand instructor Paul Moriarty helped several children set sail.

On their second day taking part in the “Sailing, have a go” programme, the children were already doing well, Mr Moriarty said.

“These guys are really onto it.

“I’m finding South Island kids are really sort of fearless.”

After a lunch break, he planned to capsize the boats to show the children capsizing was “not a big scary thing”.

Letting everyone loose with some waterguns would be a fun way to let them experiment with sailing and how to move about, all while soaking their friends, Mr Moriarty said.

Glenavy School pupil Ben Tiffen said the day was “pretty fun” for everyone, and even the children who had never been on the water before had done well.

Glenavy School teacher Helen Gardner said the school tried to bring its year seven and eight pupils out each year.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to get a fantastic experience they might not otherwise have, and look at the smiles.

“Having this opportunity, it’s too good to miss.”


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