Push it to the limit . . . Sam Sturgess runs up Buckley's Hill in Oamaru, in preparation for the this year's Coast to Coast, which takes place in Feb ruary. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

North Otago rugby players Sam and Glen Sturgess have a busy month ahead of them.

The two brothers will compete alongside each other in this year’s Coast to Coast.

They are entering as a tandem team in the multisport event that starts on the West Coast and traverses the width of the South Island.

Old Golds captain Sam said it was something “completely” different for him.

“I’m learning to run, learning to bike [and] learning to kayak all at the same time,” he said.

The idea came to him after breaking his hand in Spain, on a rugby OE, two years ago.

“I spent a lot of time cycling, trying to recover for two and a-half months,” he said.

“I thought ‘oh yeah this isn’t too bad, maybe I could do something that involves cycling’.

“Next thing we’re entering in the Coast to Coast.”

The brothers started training in about June last year, while both playing rugby for Valley.

Sam said training had been “reasonable”, but there was still room for improvement.

forward to pushing each other along” and he expected the biggest challenge would be getting his body moving again on the second day.

“I definitely feel it now playing rugby. The injuries start to creep in and the body doesn’t recover as quick as it used to,” he said.

Because Glen lived in Timaru, Sam said it could be hard to find time to train together.

“We’re lucky to get one [session] a week with each other,” he said.

“We’re both trying to juggle a job, a social life, and training – you’ve just got to fit it in at the end of the day.”

He said they both felt reasonably confident about the race and would be giving it their all.

“We feel it’s achievable, which beforehand was a bit unknown,” he said.

“We’ll be right – we’ve just got to get into it.”Sports ShoesGifts for Runners