Club looking to ‘rejuvenation’ on and off field


The Oamaru Cricket Club is on a big drive to revive its fortunes this summer.
It has been a rough few years for the 152-year-old club, which – like most clubs in most sports these days – has struggled for numbers as young players either leave the area or lose interest in the demands of the sport.
There is still no junior cricket at the Oamaru club, and its senior team is technically a combination with St Kevin’s College.
But things are looking up, and young president Reece Curle is optimistic the club’s fortunes are about to lift.
“The club’s just trying to get a bit more organised, I guess,” he told the Oamaru Mail.
“Hopefully, that will lead to more numbers on the ground and maybe bringing some more young players through.
“The idea is some rejuvenation of the committee will lead to rejuvenation on the field.”
Numbers were “not too bad” though it was always tricky at the start of the season to determine exactly who would be available, Curle said.
A boost for Oamaru this summer will be the presence, when available, of experienced Otago Volts cricketer Craig Smith.
“That will be great for us. He’ll also be involved in some coaching at training, which will be a huge help for us.”
The club has new uniforms and a new jersey sponsor (Spivey Real Estate), and will also be able to play its home games at a “new” ground, the redeveloped North Otago base on the back ground at Centennial Park.
“That’s a big plus for us,” Curle said.
“It’s obviously going to be the main ground for the North Otago team, and it’s our club ground, so we can sort of benefit from the work that’s been done there. We need to give them a hand with it.
“The changing rooms are upgraded, and we’ll see if we’re allowed to use their sightscreens.”
Curle said the partnership with St Kevin’s would continue for at least another season as the club needed the involvement of the school players.
Oamaru last won the Borton Cup in 2007-08.latest RunningDámske snehule – pripravte sa do snehu