Coach favours 1st XV proposal


The new proposed Super eight play-off competition for the South Island has been given the seal of approval from Waitaki Boys’ High School 1st XV coach Ryan Bambry.

Organisers of the Highlanders and Crusaders Secondary School competitions are looking at the idea of forming a Super eight competition between the top three schools from the Highlanders area and the top five the Crusaders competition with the winner representing the South Island at the National Top Four competition.

Bambry said this is something which needs to be given the seal of approval.

“It’s a fantastic idea and something that needs to be sorted out so it can go ahead, the logistics of it will be the hardest part.”

Playing schools like Marlborough College, Nelson College and Christchurch Boys’ High School will provide huge motivation for the schools in the Highlanders area.

Mr Bambry said his side would love the chance to test themselves against the best.

“If we make the top four of the Highlanders competition then we’d love to be able to have the chance to face schools from the Crusaders region.”

While the Super eight is just a proposal at this stage and and wouldn’t be introduced until 2016, it would go a long way to helping the South Island School winning a national title and it will put to bed the debate of which competition is stronger between the Highlanders and Crusaders competition.

St Kevin’s College coach Justin Fowler is a undecided about the competition proposal.

“At this stage I’m a bit undecided on it, I’d need to see some more detail around it, but at this stage I can’t see how it would work with the Highlanders Competition currently finishing one week before the South Island finals.”

While he’s not certain it would work, Fowler did acknowledge the rugby would be stronger.

“It would be good for the schools involved because they will be playing quality teams and it would be awesome if St Kevin’s did get to be part of it.”

The biggest issue for Fowler is just where the competition would fit in around both of the competitions.

Creating the new competition could result in Otago Boys’ joining the Highlander’s competition again.

By Brayden Lindsay

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