Bucket list . . . Athletes Nick Webster (left) and Hamish McKenzie are competing as a tandem team in their first Coast To Coast starting today. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Nick Webster and Hamish McKenzie are essentially heading into the Coast To Coast blind.

They have one multisport event to their name together – and that was only four months ago, using it as training for Coast To Coast.

McKenzie has completed a half-marathon, but neither had been near the West Coast course before.

Nevertheless, they are determined to give the Coast To Coast a good crack.

“It’s a total lottery. A lot of people go over and run Goat Pass, and go kayaking, but we’ve done none of that,” Webster said.

“It’s [going to] be an adventure – we don’t know what we are in for which is probably a good thing.”

As a tandem team, they will complete the 243km running, biking and kayaking course together, and must be within 50m or “shouting distance” of each other at all times.

They got under way this morning with a 2.2km run, and will continue on their way through to the end tomorrow.

There was only one goal in mind – to finish it.

“Finishing will be good. The run’s pretty cool and the kayak’s good – but it’s the unknown. It might not be that much fun,” McKenzie joked.

Training began in about September last year with a crew of people, including fellow Coast To Coast competitors Georgie McCullough and Sam Sturgess.

Taking part in the Coast To Coast had been on Webster’s radar for a while, but doing it in a team seemed easier than competing alone.

“It’s just been on the to do list for a while so it’s about time we did it,” Webster said.

And after getting in touch with McKenzie, their dream tandem team was formed.

“It’s one of those things as a youngster, back in the glory days, you always thought you should do.”

Webster and McKenzie’s first multisport event together was in November last year, and it was a “good indicator” of where they were at.

There was a large contingent from North Otago also competing, including Milly Kelland, Callum Kingham, Paul Gow, Tony McKendrick, Katie Gillingham and Melanie Lewis.