Competition fierce at snooker champs


Oamaru’s Jason Todd has returned from the 2013 World IBSF Snooker Championships in Latvia after pitting his wits against the game’s finest amateurs.

The 30-year-old took on Shahid Aftab of Pakistan on day one, falling to a 4-2 defeat. Todd then faced Singapore’s Shu Sen Chu in a disappointing 4-0 display.

The New Zealand number two ranking’s form improved on day two in a tightly contested 4-3 defeat to Frenchman Adrian Frostin, before losing out to Poland’s Krystof Wrobel 4-1 on day three.

Next up was a frustrating 4-0 affair with Belgian Kevin Van Hove. Todd only missed four balls, getting three shots total in the last three frames, with Van Hove making three breaks above 80.

A consolation victory came on day five in the 4-1 downing of Anti Tolvanen of Finland with Todd finishing fifth in his group, missing out on the knockout stages.

The local talent said the competition was fierce and is unsure of whether he will compete again overseas.

“It was very very tough,” he said.

“I pushed a guy from Pakistan pretty far, and the guy from Belgium just put everything on the table, which is frustrating because you can’t do anything or fight back if you don’t get a chance.

“The work I did before certainly helped. I wonder, though, if I’ve had my time now and should step aside and let the other guys have a crack and help my kids live their dreams.”



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