Costs balloon but pavilion going ahead


Construction on a planned cricket pavilion at Centennial Park is set to start in February, despite projected costs ballooning by about $75,000.

It was originally projected the pavilion would cost $260,000 to $275,000.

However, delays in gathering the required documentation for the consent process had resulted in a likely price tag of $335,000, North Otago Cricket Association chairman Peter Cameron said.

Despite that, he was adamant the project would go ahead.

To help cover the shortfall, Mr Cameron said the Otago Community Trust had agreed to add a further $10,000 to the $56,000 it donated to the association in March, while negotiations were taking place with other financial backers, including the Lotteries Commission, which had approved a grant of $150,000.

Other backers included the Waitaki District Council and the association itself. Other funding sources to cover the shortfall were also being considered.

“We are looking at getting, from individuals or clubs, five $5000 lots which will give us $25,000 towards the final amount that we need.”

The association’s board had awarded a contract to Breen Construction, which Mr Cameron said was working with the association to “reduce costs so the pavilion will proceed”.

Work is scheduled to start in February and will take about 21 weeks to complete.

The two-storey building will provide space for scorers and officials, and have facilities needed to host top-tier provincial cricket.

It will have room for equipment, including wicket block covers and two sight-screens, which are 5.5m high and mounted on wheels, to be stored in winter.

During the summer, the downstairs space will provide shelter for players watching matches, while the upstairs section will be fitted with workstations and used year-round as office and resource space for the coaches, and for training sessions and meetings.

The pavilion will be used in conjunction with the Excelsior building, which will provide improved changing rooms and ablution facilities, as well as social space for tea and lunch breaks, and post-match presentations.latest Nike SneakersNIKE AIR HUARACHE