Cricket gear granted to Waitaki Boys’ boarders


Boarders at Waitaki Boys’ High School’s hostel will have their own cricket gear now after the school was granted a team kit by ANZ.

Don House prefect Jack Price entered the “On Your Team” promotion on behalf of the hostel, and was chosen as one of the recipients.

A wicketkeeper/batsman for the school’s first XI, Jack has played cricket since he was 6 years old, and wanted to get more of his schoolmates involved in the sport.

“Some of the boys at school come from small schools where they haven’t been able to play team sports, and cricket gear is pretty expensive as well, so this gear will mean more people get to give it a go,” he said.

Cricket’s popularity is on the rise at Waitaki Boys’ – this year the school had five teams, up from two the previous season.

The school will lose the majority of its first XI next year, including Jack, who said he was hoping to help unearth the next generation of talented cricketers.

“We might start [the younger boys] with a bit of backyard cricket before we throw the hard ball down,” he said.

The school will also send a junior and a senior team to Melbourne on a cricket development tour next January.

Don House matron Sandra Kitto said she was impressed Jack had shown the initiative to apply for the grant.

“Anything that gets the boys out in the fresh air these days is a good thing,” she said.Nike Sneakers Storenike lunar janoski black and gold swoosh blue