Double trouble at cross country


Fenwick School held its annual cross country at Awamoa Park last week.

Students, teachers and parents arrived at the park at 1.15pm, ready for the afternoon age group events to unfold. After a quick walk around the track for the children to warm up and familiarise themselves with the cross country route, they were ready to run.

Each age group lined up in their gender groups and waited in anticipation for Fenwick School principal Lloyd Bokser to signal the start. However, the finish line was the place to be, amongst the line-up of cheering children and parents, as each student crossed the line.

This year, the limelight really shone on Fenwick School’s three sets of twins. Two sets of year six twins were running in the 10-year-old section. Boys Evander and Tasman Selfe and girls Jayda and Nelle Loper ran for the top positions and their places in the North Otago Cross Country.

Evander stayed a step ahead of rival twin Tasman throughout the course.

Tasman wished his twin brotherly words of support and encouragement in Evander’s final burst to the finish line which secured Evander’s first place.

Tasman was close behind in second place. Hugs came next as the two reunited on the finish line.

Teacher Belinda Brosnan said it was “a magnificent sight to behold”.

Next came the 10-year-old girls. Even the photo finish couldn’t ascertain an absolute winner. Nelle and Jayda Loper finished first equal after running an outstanding race.

Mrs Brosnan said the three judges watching the line were amazed by the girls competitive finish.

Eight-year-old twins Samuel and Liam Prouting also had an outstanding run and secured places in North Otago Cross Country.

Their positions were first and third in the eight year old boys’ race. They were met by elated parents on the finish line.

The twins, both boys and girls have left a lasting impression on Fenwick School, and their teachers and classmates will be watching for great achievements in the future, Mrs Brosnan said.

“It was a satisfying afternoon watching all of the children achieve their goals and show so much pride in their efforts,” she said.

“Many children surprised themselves at how good they felt during and after their run and learnt the true value of the school’s morning training routines which had focused on stamina and general fitness in preparation for the main event.”

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