Busy life . . . PalmerstonÂ’s Sarah Lindsay is juggling her netball, with her job at OceanaGold and her new massage business, The Knot Stop. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Sarah Lindsay might be new to Maheno Green this season, but she’s no stranger to North Otago netball. She chats to Kayla Hodge about her journey.

Q You are an East Otago High School product – tell me about growing up in Palmerston.

I’ve lived in Palmerston my whole life and went to East Otago High School from 2007 to 2013. I really enjoyed my time there and I was fortunate enough to have really cool teachers, who I got on well with. All through school, I played netball, basketball, volleyball and a bit of girls rugby.

In my senior years, I went to South Island and national athletic championships for long jump and triple jump, and was selected into age-group representative netball for Dunedin and North Otago. Sports was definitely more my thing rather than the academic side of school. I was head girl in my final year, which was my highlight, and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Q What have you been doing since you left school?

I’ve worked full-time in a cafe and an office position. I’ve worked at OceanaGold Macraes, driving dump trucks, too. I finally figured out what I wanted to do, so I studied massage therapy at Otago Polytechnic. I have returned to Oceana, and am fortunate to have an understanding supervisor who has given me time off for trainings and games on days when I should be at work – cheers Russ. I’ve recently started up my own massage therapy business, The Knot Stop, from my Palmerston home. Oceana’s week-on-week-off roster gives me the flexibility to keep building my massage client base.

Q What attracted you to netball?

I’ve played netball since primary school – funnily enough Carmen Brenssell was my first coach. I think Carmen had a lot to do with getting me into the sport.

Q You previously played club netball in Dunedin. What was that like?

I played in the Dunedin Premier C competition for Macandrew A when I left high school. We were promoted to Premier B which was a highlight. I’ve also played for my local club, Eastern, in Waikouaiti, in the senior three grade. The social side of Eastern is a standout end of year break-ups are a hoot.

Q This season you made the switch to the North Otago competition for Maheno. Why?

It was a hard decision to make the change. Eastern is my home club and they have a great bunch of girls who are passionate about the game. I wanted to have a crack at a higher grade of netball. I chose Maheno because my little sister, Ann, played for them previously, and recommended them as a good country club. It is also a bonus that Carmen is the head coach.

Q How has Maheno Green’s season been going?

I’ve really enjoyed our season so far, everyone’s coming together and gelling nicely. I love how we can chuck any combination on court, and still be dominant. I think that’s one of our strengths which should hopefully help us continue to build and be successful. As for goals, I think we really want to keep building on our trust with one another and developing those connections through court. A strong first quarter would be a bonus too. Apart from that, we are having fun and enjoying it.

Q What are the main differences between the Dunedin and North Otago competitions?

I find the atmosphere in North Otago is friendlier as you see different clubs hanging around after their games, watching and mingling with others. I think Dunedin’s Edgar Centre is colder than the outside courts. However, I have found playing and shooting in the wind a challenge, but we just have to adapt our game and work the ball closer to the hoop, as I can’t seem to just slot the long bombs in as much.

Q Do you play any other sports competitively outside of netball?

I’m not playing any other sports at the moment, but I’ve got hooked on strength and conditioning boot camp classes on my week off work. It’s great for some extra fitness.