Running the cutter . . . Excelsior first-five Tom Moysey looks for options against Valley at Weston Park. PHOTO: PHIL JANSSEN

Excelsior’s English first five-eighth Tom Moysey has been a crucial cog in steering his side around the field this year. Gus Patterson caught up with the Bournemouth-born pivot.

Q How did you end up in Oamaru and playing for Excelsior?

I played in Sydney last year with a lad called Tyrone Davies (former North Otago halfback), who mentioned there might be an opportunity to go to Excelsior.

He got me in contact with Dan Keno and it went from there. I arrived in late February this year with my girlfriend.

Q How are you finding the rugby over here?

It’s good. I’m enjoying it so far and it is a good group of lads who get along well. It is definitely more physical than other leagues I have played.

The last competition I was playing in Australia was probably a little faster, but then there are probably better players around here. Some of the players I have played with here would be better than anywhere else.

Q What are you doing for a job over here?

The club sorted me out with a job at the Waitaki Boys’ High School hostel and also at Lean Meats. I have never worked in anything like that before. It was a bit of an eye-opener.

Q What were you doing back in England?

I studied sports coaching in Cardiff. I want to get into that or PE teaching eventually. I have done a bit of coaching at schools – rugby coaching, especially, is what I would like to do more of in the future.

Q What are your plans once the rugby season finishes?

The visa I am on is for a year, but I can extend it if I want to. My girlfriend and I will decide what we want to do after the rugby season. We have already been to a few places like Queenstown and Wanaka and we want to go and see some of the North Island as well.

Q What was on for the long weekend? Did you manage to get away?

We actually went down to Queenstown with the rugby lads.

Q Not a romantic getaway then?

Twelve lads in a minibus, absolutely nothing romantic about that.

Q Who is going to win the Rugby World Cup?

England – I’ve got to back them, why not?Best SneakersWomen's Nike Superrep