Team spirit . . . Coach Twyla Kingan enjoys the Alan Fraser Memorial tournament with (back, from left) Zara Davies, Sophie Rohrbach, Sophie Spittle, Annelise Kilgour, Neve Black, Hana Davies, Hanna Strachan, (front) Rosa Black, Alisha Scanlon, Evie Wilson, and Breanna Kingan. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A girls-only 10th grade football team represented the Waitaki district in style at the Alan Fraser Memorial tournament in Kaiapoi.

Coach Twyla Kingan was rapt the team, the first all-girls team to represent the Football Waitaki region in years, won three of its four games.

“For Football Waitaki, that’s massive,” she said.

“It’s a really big accomplishment.”

Kingan was proud of the girls for the hard work they put into the tournament.

“I loved seeing the girls on the field playing as a team.

“Our players just completely stepped up – they all just got stuck in. As a whole, they just looked so impressive.

“They looked like they were having such a fun time on the field.”

When the tournament finished, the girls were hungry for more football, Kingan said.

“We hadn’t even left Kaiapoi and they asked, ‘What’s next, Twyla? What’s next?”‘

It was getting to see the smiles on the girls’ faces that Kingan enjoyed the most about the tournament.

“You can see the pure delight and pleasure that they have playing with each other.

“They’ve come away from the tournament wanting more, which is really encouraging for females in sports.”

Kingan wanted to thank the families of the girls who turned up to show their support at the tournament.

“Everybody was there – the whole sideline was full.”

Kingan hoped the team of girls would keep playing football in the coming years.

There was already talk of the team entering a 12th grade tournament next year.

“If the girls are interested, we can definitely stick at it for a few more years,” Kingan said.spy offersAir Jordan