Good turnout for Summer Series


The Oamaru Mail Summer Series began last Wednesday with the fun run and duathlon continuing until December 6.

The fun run comprises of a 2.5km, 5km or 10km walk, jog or run while the duathlon route consists of 1.8km run and one lap on the bike followed by a 0.7km run or a 1.8km run, three bike laps and a 2.5km run.

The fun run and duathlon will be followed by the Off the Couch, Weekend Warriors series from February 4 – 18.

The circuit will involve a 100m shallow swim or 1.8km run, a 6km cycle, 0.7km run or a 300m swim or 1.8km run, 12km bike and 2.5km run.

The Oamaru Mail triathlon and duathlon and the South Island Secondary Schools Triathlon and Duathlon Championships will follow in March.

Event organiser Diane Talanoa said the turnout was pleasing but hopes numbers will increase in the coming weeks, insisting participants of all ages and ability are welcome to join in at 5.30pm on Wednesdays at Friendly Bay.

“It’s a good start on a cold night,” she said.

“I think the key thing is it’s right across the range, there was families and kids and experienced triathletes.”

Oamaru Mail Fun Run and Duathlon series – Race one.

Fun Run – 2.5km Phillipa McIntosh, 20.13, Lyn McCone 26.12.

Fun Run – 5km Daniel Hughes, 26.25, Kelvin Benny, 26.37.

Fun Run – 10km Paul Whittaker, 43.59, Malcolm Lay, 54.56, Lindsay Oakley, 58.35.

Duathlon – Off the Couch

Individual – Camden Burge, 26.12, Quinn Burge, 29.46, Sara Plunkett, 30.46.

Team – Dad & Daughter (Lyndon & Indy McLay), 22.04.

Kids of Kussies (Jed McLay & Vandy Selfe), 22.49.

Duathlon – Weekend Warriors

Individual:Michael Sandri, 34.49, Jesse Young, 34.41, PJ Cleave, 39.46.


PHOTO: SUPPLIED – Duathlon team members Indy McLay, Corbyn Selfe and Harrison Weir.

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