Interested in surf lifesaving?


A local Surf Life Saving Club is Nick Guyan’s aim, and the enthusiast his hoping to attract keen high school students that enjoy the sand and sea to make in happen.

Guyan, a former lifeguard assessor, has recently returned to Oamaru and believes a Surf Life Saving Club would benefit young people in the area.

“I’m really assessing interest levels, if people are interested, I’m looking for people that love the water,” he said.

“There’s no Surf Life Saving Club here, I’ve been involved very heavily for the last 12 years in Canterbury, although I’m an Oamaru man, I’ve been a surfer all my life as well.”

Those interested will initially participate in a Rookie Programme that will offer guidance on health and safety, swimming skills, lifeguard duties, signals, rescue, first aid, CPR and other key responsibilities.

Guyan believes Surf Life Saving offers young people a solid foundation to pursue other activities and careers.

“Surf Life Saving does so much as a sport, there’s a lot they can compete in and it’s designed to keep people interested as they get older,” he said.

“As a rescue service they could travel the world, they could go in to ambulance, the police or fire brigade, it gives them a lot of water skills but also gives them a lot of leadership skills.”

For more information on Surf Life Saving, contact Nick Guyan on 03 439 5558.


PHOTO: JAMES FORD – Nick Guyan is hoping to start a Surf Life Saving Club locally.

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