Shooting star . . . Waitaki Boys' High School basketball player Scott Kitto has been selected for the Otago under-19 squad. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD

At some point, Scott Kitto may have to chose between the two sports at which he excels – basketball and cricket.

For now, the 17-year-old is happy focusing on both.

The year 13 Waitaki Boys’ High School pupil, who captains the school’s top basketball team, was recently selected for the Otago under-19 team to contest the national championships on the North Shore at Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

It is the second consecutive year he has been picked for an Otago squad, after previously making the cut for the under-17 side.

Kitto, who plays at point guard or shooting guard, said he was “absolutely stoked” to be included in the squad.

“It’s really good. We’ve got a pretty good squad this year so our goal is to make the top eight at the nationals. If we play well, we should have a pretty good tournament.

“I went up there with the team last year and it was a really exciting tournament, so it’s good to get that experience of playing a high level of basketball.”

As well as being handy with a basketball, Kitto is a talented cricketer.

The spin bowler, who plays for the Waitaki Boys’ First XI, has already represented the senior North Otago team and played for Otago at under-19 level.

He said he had been able to play both sports with ease, but he knew the day might come when he had to make a choice between them.

“It’s quite good because they are played in opposite seasons, but there is a period where they clash with winter training.

“I’ve got good coaches and they know it’s quite a struggle sometimes too.

“I feel if I have to make a career path out of it [sport], I will have to make a decision, but I’ll play both for as long as I can.”affiliate tracking urlNike