Sporting success . . . The 2018 Network Waitaki Sports Awards winners. PHOTO: PHIL JANSSEN

Nominations have closed for the 2019 Network Waitaki Sports Awards – officially, at least.

But judge and Waitaki Community Recreation Centre manager Diane Talanoa said more would still be accepted.

“We have a lot of very humble people in the area who don’t want to be seen as champions around the place, but really it’s great exposure for the sport,” she said.

“It’s great role-modelling for other people to think it, maybe I could do that’.”

The nominees so far were “outstanding”, she said, but there were still people out there who would have a good chance at winning at the awards.

“Athletes doing all sorts of things across a really broad range of sports, and people achieving amazing levels.

“Judging is really tough, because you can’t compare apples with apples – it’s a great problem to have.”

The awards, run by the North Otago Sports Bodies in conjunction with Sport Waitaki, will take place on March 16.

World Cup-winning Silver Fern and former St Kevin’s College pupil Jane Watson will be the guest speaker.

“It’s great to see the people that are doing well, from year eight through to masters,” Mrs Talanoa said.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Waitaki Sports Awards, call the Waitaki Community Recreation Centre on (03) 434-6932, or fill out a nomination form online.latest Nike Sneakersnike fashion