Match-ups released for Portside Punch


With under month to go, the Portside Punch Charity Boxing event will involve 22 local contenders entering the ring to raise money to kick-start funding for a hospice house built in North Otago.

All 22 contenders have been involved in rigorous fitness and boxing training that began in March.

In line with the events official sanctioning body, New Zealand Pro Box Association, all match-ups have contenders placed in strict weight divisions to ensure an even and competitive battle. Head trainer Wayne Fisher-Hewitt said the scheduled fights had been based on contenders’ various attributes to ensure even bouts.

“It is our aim that all fights go the distance. We have selected the matches based on ability, weight, height and age,” he said.

“While the outcome of each event is out of our hands, all match-ups have been and will continue to train together so that there are no big surprises come June 21.”

Local contender Barry Fox accepted the offer to be involved with the inaugural boxing event without hesitation.

The PGG Wrightson stock agent lost his brother last year to cancer and has seen first-hand the support hospice have provided for his late brother’s family.

Fox said he was keen to assist making the fundraising efforts a success.

“At times it has been very demanding and tough, however it is also an extremely rewarding experience,” he said.

Portside Punch organiser Kate Cartwright said all proceeds would stay in North Otago for the development of a local hospice.

“While our contenders have their personal reasons for accepting the offer to be involved, for many, it was because they truly believe that hospice is a great cause to support,” she said.

“We have contenders entering the ring who are very passionate about what we are hoping to achieve. As organisers, we are incredibly committed to raising significant money towards this great project.

“It can be guaranteed all money raised will remain here in North Otago to support our local families in what is without doubt, when they need the support the most.”


Chontelle Watson v Mel Tavendale

Craig Kingan v Carwyn Williams

Dean Paterson v Tony Dudley

Ryan Fraser v Chris Cant

Blair Brosnan v Richard Willans

Shannon Parsons v Gabrielle Docherty

Jason Mavor v Mark Roney

Nick Webster v Mike Mullins

Mike Mavor v Gary Kircher

Jason Millns v Dylan Winter

Barry Fox v Gary Byrne