Meadowbank loses its way against West End


The Meadowbank men’s football team had its winning streak cut short when it was thrashed by West End at the weekend.

West End cleaned up the Oamaru club with a 7-0 win.

Meadowbank coach Keith Roach thought his side actually looked promising in the early stages of the game.

“We had a good defence structure going; we were frustrating them and it was going well.”

But Meadowbank lost focus and the day got worse.

“We seemed to lose our composure and our structure and it just went downhill from there,” he said.

Meadowbank stalwart Sullivan Martin stood out as man of the match for Roach.

“He ran all afternoon.”

Throughout the game, Meadowbank had numerous opportunities to score but could not find the net.

“In the second half, we didn’t keep to our plan.

“It was a disappointing display and a disappointing result,” he said.

“We’ll put that one on the shelf and use it as motivation for going out and playing well this weekend.”

The Meadowbank reserves also lost, falling 4-0 to their West End opposition.

However, the Meadowbank women rebounded from their default to thump Timaru City 9-0 in an outstanding display of passing and teamwork.

Super striker Caitlan Lee was again to the forefront, belting in five goals. Aynsley Martin scored two, and Elizabeth Fountaine and Sophie Hawkins scored one each.

Both Meadowbank men’s teams play Pleasant Point in Oamaru this weekend, while the Meadowbank women play West End in Timaru.latest Nike SneakersPatike