Men’s netball team planned


A pathway is being paved for men to play competitive netball in North Otago.

North Otago Netball is seeking interest in a men’s team and is calling for those interested in playing to make contact ahead of the 2020 season.

Men’s games would be played each week, but separately from the main women’s competition, and the team would play alongside a suitable grade, North Otago Netball president Sonya Macdonald said.

Each week, a women’s team would play the men’s team at 3pm, in addition to their regular competition game, Macdonald said.

There had been “a lot” of interest from male players over the past year and this season would be a trial, Macdonald said.

Ultimately, North Otago Netball would “love” to run a men’s league, she said.

“It’s something we certainly want to see and we want to encourage.

“There’s definitely an opportunity here for the centre to have men playing netball .. I think this is a good starting point.

“Where we’ve only got one team this year, who knows whether we could get a couple of teams rolling next year.”

Once North Otago Netball had a better understanding of player numbers, the team would be formed and it would be up to the players how seriously they wanted to take the competition.

“They will probably look after themselves, but they’ll have a team captain and coach and whether they have a practise, that will be up to the team to decide how far they want to commit to [it],” she said.

Any men interested in playing netball this season should contact the North Otago Netball Centre by emailing mediaNike