Out there, doing it . . . Molly Kirkman makes her way out of the water after completing her first ever series swim. PHOTO: DAVE BOYLE

The Oamaru Multisport Club’s fun run series has lived up to its name.

The club hosted the three›week triathlon, duathlon, and fun run series this month, and finished the final round on February 16 with 65 entrants.

Oamaru Multisport Club stalwart Adair Craik said organisers got ‘‘quite a shock’’ at the number of Timaru and Dunedin athletes who travelled to compete on the final night.

Many of them were planning to compete at the Oamaru Triathlon on March 6, and were familiarising themselves with the course, Craik said.

‘‘It was fantastic to have them.

‘‘Of course, we had such a broad range of ages, sizes, shapes and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be like — it was very cool,’’ she said.

Nearly 25 first time entrants took part during this series and swore they would return.
Craik said she was always blown away by people’s interest in the events.

‘‘There’s such good support for it. We’re not a big population but we certainly pull our weight in terms of people participating.’’

This year’s event had a sense of freedom, while adhering to restrictions under Red, as many events had been cancelled due to Covid›19.

‘‘This was a really cool one in terms of there was hope, there was something to look forward to and they could just get out and enjoy themselves,’’ she said.

Organisers are now working towards the Oamaru Triathlon and South Island Secondary School Triathlon and Duathlon on March 6.

Vaccine passports, social distancing and mask wearing would be required, the course would be cordoned off so people could not ‘‘mingle’’ inside of it and there would be no prize giving, she said.

‘‘We are looking forward to it. We’re just lucky to have a community that supports us so well — very fortunate.’’