National trophy win `a bit surreal’


As most golfers will know all too well, very rarely do all aspects of the game come together on the same day.
But for Trish Hollows, of the North Otago Golf Club, one near-perfect day in late March not only resulted in the best round she had played since she took up the sport, but
led to a couple of trophies as well.
She recently got her hands on the New Zealand Golf Home Links Aotearoa Cup, awarded for the best net score in the country.
“New Zealand Golf have a series of different trophies that different clubs in New Zealand play for on a designated day,” Hollows said.
“The best cards get submitted to New Zealand Golf.
“I played an extremely good round that day and my card got submitted and it was the best in New Zealand.”
Hollows completed her round 11 strokes under her handicap, which was 29 at the time.
She only recently found out she had won the cup, after results were released to the club.
“I was pretty chuffed,” Hollows said.
“It was slightly unbelievable, really. I was pretty amazed that I’d won it … it’s a bit surreal, really, to know you had the best net in the country on a given day.”
The round also won her the Aorangi South Canterbury Golf Association’s best net award.
Looking back, she said that March day was one of those times when her game clicked.
“It was one of the best rounds I’ve ever played.
“It was a lovely warm day and I quite like playing in warm conditions.
“The course was immaculate, too.
“I hit the ball straight and I chipped and putted well. I don’t hit a long ball, but I do chip and putt reasonably.
“I probably kept my head down a bit more, but I felt good and it all came together.”
She is the second player from the North Otago area to win the Aotearoa Cup, the other being Chris Sherwin in 2001.
It is not the first time she has won a national title.
In 2014, Hollows partnered with Karen Devlin to win the New Zealand Autumn Foursomes title in Cromwell.
Encouraged by her late husband, Hollows took up golf in the early 1990s and she started “seriously playing” in 1994.
She enjoyed the “challenge, the company and the exercise” and believed the toughest aspect of the sport was staying focused for hours on end.Buy SneakersNike air max